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Bridges and Arches

When talking about bridges, one instantly imagines majestic architectural constructions like Golden Gate, however, even a small construction, connecting two banks of a stream can also be called a bridge. In ancient times building a massive passage was an incredible feat, at times requiring massive financial & time investment. Those bonds were built out of cobblestones and required high maintenance. With flow of time, new materials’ appearance, construction of bonds & arches became easier; however scale of connections that humans are currently capable of constructing goes beyond anything that our predecessors could even imagine.Bridges and Arhes Art Prints at Print-ServicesCOM

Golden Gate

Perhaps every human worldwide knowns or head of Golden Gate. It’s hardly surprising, giving its scale and sheer size. Opened in 1937, it spans Golden Gate strait. It length reaches almost 5 km. Unfortunately, there are also sad facts, connected to Golden Gate, as it is considered a place, where desperate people come to commit suicide. Currently, there are patrols, who maintain order, but also watch out for jumpers, at times trying to convince them to give life another chance.

The Siegestor

Unlike passages, arches do not serve practical purpose, being rather decorative architectural details and historical elements, constructed to honor person or event, such as victory, country’s independence, so on. The Siegestor is perhaps most famous arch worldwide, constructed in 1852 in honor of Bavarian army. Arch consists of 3 smaller arches within, as well as 4 lions, instead of horses at very top.

Tower Bridge

People visiting or planning on visiting Great Britain always aim to have a walk, not only London's streets but also attend Tower Bridge. It’s hardly surprising, considering all legends and secrets, surrounding this construction. Tower spans river Thames  and was constructed in 1894. Along with Big Ben, Tower has become a true symbol of London, attracting tourists from all over the world.

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