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Architectural Monuments

Remnants of entire civilizations, testaments of man’s desire to conquer & never give up on his dreams, architectural monuments serve as eternal reminder of what strong will, perseverance & cooperation between people can achieve. When talking about architectural monuments, first thing that pops into one’s mind is of course Stonehenge. Nevertheless, there are heaps of other marvelous creations that remain mostly unknown due to their remote locations or unknown history.

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It’s a prehistoric structure, erected around 3100 – 3000 BC according to estimation of scientists. Currently it’s world-famous World Heritage Site. Millions of tourists visit Stonehenge every year, which is why the place was surrounded and is highly protected. Initially, when tourists only started pouring to this location, they were allowed to walk between stones, taking small pieces of the monument. Site started to quickly deteriorate, which is why decisive measured had to be taken, in order to protect this construction.


This architectural monument situates in Rome, Italy. It opened its doors in 80 AD & is also known as Flavian Amphitheatre. Colosseum primarily served as arena, where gladiators fought each other, as well as wild animals. It’s worth mentioning that Colosseum is world’s biggest amphitheater. Constructed out of sand with concrete, this structure was considerably damaged by multiple earthquakes that are quite frequent in Italy. Apart from that, site, just like other ancient castles, bridges and columns, deteriorated because of tourists, grabbing little pieces of stone as souvenirs.

Great Wall of China

Perhaps biggest human creation, Great Wall of China spreads over 21 196 kilometers. It was finished in 200 BC and locates along China’s northern border of that time. Unlike Colosseum & Stonehenge, it wasn’t built just of stone & sand. According to legend, many construction workers died during the process & were buried underneath the wall. Currently it’s considered World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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