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Architectural Details

Any impressive architectural wonder is distinguished by peculiar architectural details. It can be amazing columns, arches, ceilings, roofs, fountains & many more. Early humans weren’t able to construct their dwellings, seeking shelter in such places as caves, however, with flow of time, situation drastically changed. New skills & materials allowed us to play with shapes, colors, eventually building structures that were unfathomable to early humans. Cathedrals, skyscrapers, castles, fortresses – all these creations serve as testament to our desire to achieve & create more.Architectural Details art for your Wall | Home Decor


Every impressive estate homeowner wants its house to look like no other, impressing guests with its grandeur and exquisite taste. Fountains can accomplish this purpose quit successfully, given the abundance of styles and shapes they can be made into. Or instance, modern hi-tech styles house can feature fountain with simple lines, maybe intricate mechanism, such as water flowing up, instead of down. Those, who prefer classic can decorate their houses with fountains, made in the various figures or objects forms, such as gods, animals, vegetation.


Such architectural details as columns cannot be observed very frequently in private sector, they are considered rather pompous, suitable for palaces, museums, mausoleums. Nevertheless, some homeowners use this architectural detail in order to stress their wealth & make an impression of power, strong will, as well as influence. Greek columns are more frequently used columns type, they boast clean lines & can be made of marble.


As surprising as it sounds, stairs can do wonders for home decoration. Variety of shapes, colors, materials allows for unique combination, distinguishing dwelling for many other, adding unique style to it. Modern interior designers prefer stairs made of glass. These are truly majestic architectural details, capable of adding light and space. In fact, glass stairs aren’t made of glass, but rather it’s combination of plastic, glass & metal.

Architectural Details Art prints provides wide row of glorious architectural details art prints, featuring staircases, fountains, intricate ceilings, arches and many more. Our prints can become true gem of your bedroom, adding unique style to its interior décor. We work only with high quality printing materials, as well as eco-solvent inks that do not cause allergies, are suitable for people prone to them.