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Wild Animals

When wild animals topic arises, majority of us instantly think about big cats, which are similar to domestic cats, such as lionstigers, panthers, cheetahs, jaguars, also about bears, giraffes, elephants. These are undoubtedly among most admired and impressive beasts classes on Earth. Nevertheless, there are millions other species that also belong to wildlife, but are frequently overlooked. Our world’s industrialization had many advantages, but it also had harmful influence on wildlife. Air, water and soil pollution has led to many beautiful and unique kinds disappearance that we will never be able to see.

Factors, Contributing to the Extinction of Wild Animals


Uncontrolled, excessive timber extraction is main reason why wildlife loses its habitat. With no place to live and search for food, many types of wild creatures are reaching the brink of extermination.


Excessive hunting, just like deforestation causes the many species disappearance. Poachers, wealthy hunters come Africa in trophies search, which they can either sell or hang on the wall. Although last few year’s huge fines & even imprisonment work as an effective deterrent, some people still manage sneak in the wildlife sanctuaries to poach rhino's horns / elephants' tusks.

Introduction of Invasive Species

It’s not a secret that every ecosystem represents a complex, fragile balance that must not be disturbed under any circumstances. Nevertheless, people tend ignore this fact & introduce invasive species, such as micerabbitscats & others ecosystems that cannot withstand their harmful impact.

Domino Extinction

Also known as, domino extinction, extinction chain is a species’ disappearance, caused by destruction of its food source, which in its turn became extinct due to food source or habitat loss. Domino extinction can be caused by invasive species introduction, pollution. For example, certain type vegetation annihilation can lead small mammals or birds disappearance that feed exclusively on it or on insects, that consume it. This mammal disappearance can correspondingly cause predators extinction that predominantly eat these small mammals.

Animals Extinction Prevention

Wild animals’ habitat protection is among most effective ways keeping them safe & sound. During last decade many countries have signed agreements protect wildlife, create sanctuaries in places, inhabited by most rare, endangered species. Apart from that, such organizations as Greenpeace are constantly raising funds for breeding highly endangered species, their reintroduction to sanctuaries, created specifically for their protection. Their role cannot be underestimated in environment cleaning efforts, such as waste recycling introduction in developing countries, oil spills cleaning, petitioning for ban on hunting on rare creatures.

Wild Animals Art Prints 

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