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 Undersea World

What undersea world art prints come to our minds when we think about the sea? The endless water surface, the transparent blue waves running into the sand, the shrill cries of the marine birds, the unique smell of freshness, salt and algae ... But this is only a small part of what we land inhabitants can see with shy, superficial contact with the water element. The main thing, what constitutes the true essence of the sea depths, lies deep beneath the surface. Mysterious undersea world, filled with fussy life bubbling, fantastic plants and unusual animals, for most of us remains unknown and incomprehensible.

Not everyone has the opportunity to become a diver or start a marine aquarium with peculiar water-dwelling insects. But you can order in the online store PrintServices original modular undersea world art print - a window into the magical undersea world with amazing wild animals. In the collection of the company you will find tens of thousands of undersea world art prints representing the inhabitants of the seas and oceans in their natural habitat.

The beauty of the ocean depths is amazing. Once you see it, you can not forget it. It is no accident that most of those who are engaged in diving, eventually become real fanatics What miracles are hidden in the silent water column?

Here are the coral reefs. In no place on the earth's land, even in the rain forest, you will not find such an abundance of bright colors and bizarre forms. The calcareous deposits, formed by salt water - the petrified bodies of dead coral polyps - form an intricate labyrinth of grottoes, towers and arches, reminiscent of the ruins of an ancient castle. And on these "ruins" stretched a whole garden of lush sea vegetation. You can not find any forms here! Some remind us of the usual tree branches, leaves and flowers, but in an unusual, fantastic version. For example, the coral-discosoma is similar to a fantastic mushroom with a fur hat, and a round ball of brains, covered with a multitude of convolutions - on the human brain. There are corals, resembling frozen in the water column bright red lightning or covered with fluffy blue frost trees. But these "lightning bolts" and "branches" are not plants at all, they consist of bodies of tiny animals - coral polyps. But the wriggling tentacles of actinia, small "flowers", columns and tubes of the most unusual colors - all shades of red, orange, blue, lilac. No less brightly colored scurrying among the coral fish - orange with black and white stripes of fish-clowns, lemon yellow fish-butterflies. The capricious abundance of forms and colors of the undersea "garden" creates a sophisticated structure, in comparison with which all artistic delights fade. A modular undersea world art print depicting a coral reef is a bright color accent, complementing the interior of the room, allowing to come into contact with the exotic world of wildlife, to improve the mood even on the most gloomy and cloudy day.

But in the ocean live and much more formidable creatures. Do you know what a white shark looks like, a favorite character of famous horror movies? In fact, she is not white at all, her back and head are of intense gray-steel shade, and only the lower side of the body is light. And the white shark has what can be called extrasensory abilities. It has special senses that allow you to capture electromagnetic fields created by the bodies of other living things. This is how this giant fish looks for prey. And the tendency to cannibalism, the white shark, in spite of widespread prejudices, does not suffer at all, although it is not worth catching on its way. Scientists have found out that white sharks often bite people just for the sake of exploring an unfamiliar object. Alas, when three rows of jagged teeth are used, there is little difference, whether she wanted to eat you or just curious ...

In addition to interesting undersea world art prints of the white shark, in our collection you will find undersea world art prints of variegated whale and reef sharks, shark-cat, whales and other large marine inhabitants that will be perfect for decoration your bedroom. The killer whale, its glossy black and white body, streamlined like a speed car is a spectacular undersea spectacle - a living embodiment of power and natural harmony. By the way, killer whale is the only creature in the ocean that can cope with a white shark. But the cute, expressive muzzles of white whales and dolphins. Dolphins are equally mobile both underwater and above its surface, no other sea creature is capable of making such dizzying acrobatic somersaults. A modular undersea world art print depicting an elegant, impetuous dolphin is an excellent reminder of happy days of rest and sea voyages.