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As surprising as it may sound, they are last extant dinosaurs, known as avian dinosaurs, although true birds, in their current feathered form have appeared 100 million years ago. They managed to survive mass South Africa extinction event and then spread across globe, evolving and adapting to new climate as Earth was cooling. All currently existing avians have wings, although some, for example, penguins, do not fly, as their wings have not evolved for that purpose. They vary greatly in size, from 5 cm humming bird to almost 2.5 m ostrich.   


Migration is a common phenomenon within many  species, even with wild animals. They migrate to benefit from climate changes around globe. Some species migrate at relatively short distances, while others fly hundred thousands miles in order to breed, feed their young with buntiful insects. Some avian species are dependent on very limited feeding grounds. For instance, pink flamingo only feeds on red algae that grows in Great Salt Lake. Unfortunately, migrating animals sometimes pose a threat to airplanes, which is why there are many cases when migrating avians got into engines.

Economic Importance

Avians have played a great role in life of humans, since we taught ourselves to hunt. Before agriculture, farms existence, avians among our ancestors’ main food sources. Nowadays, most commonly bred domestic animal is, certainly, chicken. Although currently chickens are used not only because of their meat, but also eggs. However, meat, eggs are not only purposes avians are captivity bred. Their feathers are used by many industries, for example pillows production and fashion industry.

Presence in Culture

First  paintings of them were found in our ancestors caves. Some paintings depicted fowls like game during hunt; others represented them as scary monsters and/or all-powerful beings, abducting and consuming humans. Nowadays, many countries are using them like virtues symbol a certain country claims to possess. World-known United States symbol is bald eagle. This powerful prey animal is associated with freedom, as it soars freely in sky. Some birds came to represent universal vices or virtues symbols. For instance, an owl is always associated with wisdom & is portrayed with glasses.  

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